Three AAA Perfect UK Sale Replica Rolex Watches For Sale Online

1997 Replica Rolex “Zenith” Daytona (Ref. 16520)

“The best fake watch I always identified with as a young man in the automobile business was perfect fake Rolex. If you bought a Rolex, you were successful. All my bosses wore Swiss made replica Rolex watches. I wish I still had some watches I sold over the years. I wish I still had watches I sold only a couple of years ago since the market is more insane right now than the automobile business!

“I picked this one up because it has an incredibly interesting background. I know who the driver is who won it. I’m into racing and motorsport.”

1977 Fake Rolex GMT “Blueberry” (Ref. 1675)

“The Blueberry wasn’t available for sale in the United States or at any jewelry store, exception for in the Middle East. As the story goes, this watch was made only for the Italian Army and the Middle Eastern market. This particular watch had a box and papers, an original bill of sale, and it was sold in Saudi Arabia.

“What drew me to this watch was the intrigue. Is it real, or is it fake? Apparently, with the Blueberry, there are more fakes than real examples circulating on the market. I have another one that I just sent to AAA high-quality replica Rolex to check the authenticity, but it takes a year, so I’m still waiting to hear back.”

1966 Replica Rolex Cosmograph Pre-Daytona (Ref. 6238)

“I picked this one up because I love the design of the face and that they only made it for about a year – or a year and a half – before they came out with the first official perfect UK sale replica Rolex Daytona with ‘Daytona’ branding.

“The dealer that I work with, out in California, sent me a picture of it before he put it on the site because he knows I like pretty obscure stuff. And just to show the volatility of the replica watch, the asking price has gone up 20% in the last two months.”