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Introducing Famous UK Rolex Yacht-Master Roleslum Replica Watches With Gray Dials

Released in 1992, Yacht-Master was once the youngest collection of the Rolex. In 2007, Yacht-Master II was released that made it the most complex collection of the brand. When the first release in 1992, the precious fake Rolex Yacht-Master didn’t get too much attention for it looked similar to Submariner. In 1999, it had left deep impression on the watch lovers with the model which was named Roleslum for it was the first Rolex that made from the platinum with sand-blasted finish, meanwhile, the graduation bezel was made from the PT 950 platinum.

The red seconds hand and the words of Yacht-Master have been designed in red, which is obvious to the background.

Rolex Yacht-Master Replica With Automatic Movement

The integrated gray tone, satin-blasted gray dial and the red second hand are the most impression on the first generation Yacht-Master at that time. Rolex imitation with platinum bezel features an unique dial with satin-blasted temperament. The red second hand and lettering of Yacht-Master are striking on the background. A date window has been set at 3 o’clock with an iconic Cyclops lens over it to magnifying the number, allowing the wearers to read it clearly.

The bezel is made from platinum which embodies the nobility of the model for only rich men could have the opportunity to look at the Yacht-Master

High-Quality Rolex Fake Watches

The first generation knockoff watch with Oystersteel bracelet has been designed with the solid bracelet and the lugs and case are polished, which couldn’t used on other models of Rolex before. Then, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Explore that released later and so on have all created with the same equipment. So Yacht-Master could be considered as the trial revolutionary model of Rolex.