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How the UK Best 1:1 Fake Rolex Daytona became the world’s hottest watch

When it first launched, the Swiss movement fake Rolex Daytona was a complicated watch by Rolex standards, and not particularly popular, so production numbers were naturally low.

It was often scoffed at in its early years because of its bold dial defined by three contrasting sub-dials.
It wasn’t until Paul Newman – the famous actor and race car driver – strapped one on that this timepiece was considered cool and desirable. While it is now easily one of the hottest fake watches in the world, it took a major Hollywood heavyweight wearing one for the world to accept it.

The Paul Newman endorsement made the steel case top Swiss replica Rolex Daytona far more famous than Rolex could have ever imagined, so much so, that it is unclear what the fate of this previously unpopular watch would be without it.

Newman’s endorsement has also helped make this first generation of Daytona watches incredibly collectible today. In fact, these ‘exotic’ or ‘Paul Newman’ dials are among the most collectible best quality Rolex Daytona replica watches on the planet. However, because this Art Deco style dial was highly unpopular while it was in production, only a small number were originally produced, and many owners even had these dials replaced with standard ones, further decreasing the number in existence today.
It’s important to note that Rolex never officially releases its production numbers, but we do know that over the next two generations of Daytona watches, Rolex has continued to keep these production numbers relatively low compared to the rest of its other models.

What we’ve also found is that generally speaking, stainless steel braceelt fake Rolex Daytona references were produced in higher numbers than their precious metal counterparts, making these ultra-luxurious sports watches even less common today.