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TAG Heuer Replica Watches Show In Sydney

Australia is a sports-mad country, so it makes sense that the current TAG Heuer Globetrotter exhibition has seen an allocation of sports-related Heuer models take the place of new stock on the floor of the world’s most profitable TAG Heuer boutique per square metre, in Sydney’s CBD. The exhibition is at the TAG Heuer boutique, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney, until September 30.

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The concept of Heuer Globetrotter, which has spread 400 of the rarest Heuer watches across 10 cities and 10 boutiques, all open to the public at no charge, is a master stroke from TAG Heuer for several reasons:

1.It has brought the whole globe into the action. The TAG Heuer replica watches team have taken the concept of a vintage watch roadshow, unbundled and localised it – splitting the 400 watches, all extremely rare and collectible, into themed groups. Each exhibition is presented in a different city by a different Heuer collector. Each city’s theme was chosen by its key collector.

2.It involves a key member of our team! It is with not a small dose of pride that we learnt that the local Heuer expert was to be David Chalmers, a co-founder of Time+Tide and raving Heuer fanatic. He launched the exhibition with the statement that it represents the most significant collection of Heuer watches ever assembled in Australia.

3.It’s a collector-driven event, which means less marketing, more passion. TAG Heuer has a track record of looking after its vintage collectors and runs regular events, such as the Heuer Collectors Summit. The strong relationship is reflected in the fact that many of the watches exhibited come from private collectors, who have entrusted them to the brand for the duration of the exhibition.

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