Introducing Paul Newman And His Famous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona UK Replica Watches

Paul Newman, the famous actor, director and producer in USA. He had won the best director award, the best actor award and so on. He was well-known all over the world, so the watches he ever won were really popular. However, many people were shocked when the Daytona he ever worn was auctioned with a higher price of 17,750,000 US dollars, breaking the record of the most expensive watch in history. Paul Newman loved the high-performance copy Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which could be estimated from the pictures on the magazines.

The Daytona with iconic features reinforced the charm of the famour star.

Famous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ever Wore

In 1986, Daytona was becoming more and more popular. The market of the America and England was crazy, even in Italy, the price was two times higher than the official. Many watch collectors began to collect them with high price, ordering the Daytona in all kinds of ways. The models were characterized by the dials and distinctive design. Many collectors and agents called this unique dial the Paul Newman dial for he had worn such a Daytona in the movie “Victor”. Another reason was that on cover of the most famous magazine of Italy, Paul Newman appeared with such a Daytona. The Rolex imitation with white dial enhanced the powerful temperament of the famous star.

The price of the Daytona made from stainless steel had increased in a crazy speed.

Steel Bracelet Copy Rolex

Interestingly, Paul Newman had never admitted or denied these rumors on formal occasions. After all, the legend will be more attractive for mystery and controversy. In any case, we can confirm that Paul Newman really loved distinctive fake watches Daytona very much and he wore them in countless occasions.