Conor McGregor And His Precious UK Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches With Self-Winding Mechanical Movements

Conor McGregor is the leading player in UFC. Many people will think that the wristwatches attracting him must be with sporty and innovative design and the models with rough and bold appearance should meet his taste. Yes, he is interested in Hublot King Power with powerful appearance however, he is fan of Patek Philippe. Besides, he is really a loyal fan of Rolex. Today I will Introduce two elegant Rolex Day-Date fake watches he owns to you.

Each of Rolex Day-Date has been made from precious metal such as rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Rolex Day-Date Imitation With Champagne Dial

The first one is Rolex knockoff with yellow gold case. Conor McGregor is swanking and rich. The yellow gold Day-Date has met his style perfectly. It features a champagne dial which has blended with the gold case and bracelet, making it one of the most recognizable wristwatches. Fluted bezel and Cyclops lens set over the date window at 3 o’clock are both iconic features of Rolex. Moreover, the movement of this model is extraordinary. The new generation calibre 3255 has been protected by 14 patents, providing a power reserve of 70 hours.

Created with the ice-blue dial and white gold case, the Rolex looks noble and elegant.

Rolex Replica With Ice-Blue Dial

The second one is with a ice-blue dial which looks fresh and pure and many people are surprised that this model has caught Conor McGregor’s eyes for it is absolutely not his taste. The imitation watch with white gold bracelet has been designed with elegance and nobility. From the picture, you will see it is not embarrassed on him as you are imagining. It crates a distinctive harmony on him and the precious watch.