Big Bang Blue – Hublot New Summer Replica Men’s Yacht Party Watches UK

A New Yacht Party Watch

The Big Bang, Hublot’s undeniable signature replica timepiece, has seen nearly countless iterations throughout the years. Since its introduction, we’ve witnessed cases made of full sapphire, carbon, titanium, and even concrete. This summer, Hublot has introduced something a little hotter and it elevates ceramic case construction with a colorful twist. It’s the Hublot Big Bang Blue, a watch that celebrates the opening of two new Hublot boutiques in Cannes and Saint-Tropez. So, does it make for the ultimate yacht party watch? Let’s find out.

The Hublot Big Bang Blue has a case that measures 45mm in diameter with a skeletonized dial. What’s interesting here is how playful the all-blue look is when it interacts with the aggressive styling of the dial. Pair that with titanium hardware along with white resin case inserts, and you have one of the most casual and cool-looking Big Bangs to come out in recent years. Still, that’s not to say that the watch is all looks – because it also makes for a very capable chronograph.

Blue dial Hublot fake watches UK.

Ceramic material

Ceramic isn’t exactly the easiest material to work with either but Hublot has proven that they’re comfortable exploring its limits. While the Hublot Big Bang Blue copy watches UK might not be the biggest breakthrough, it does show that something as small as a colorway change can make for a watch that is just flat-out fun. Also, we see that they’ve taken advantage of their ability to perfectly integrate their straps with the Big Bang case. To match the overall look, the Hublot Big Bang Blue is available with either a white rubber strap with blue alligator leather or a blue and white rubber strap – my favorite.

Inside is Hublot’s in-house HUB1242 chronograph movement, which is both reliable and ubiquitous if you take a closer look at their line-up. Besides offering a very clean two-register look, the movement is comprised of around 330 components and provides a snazzy flyback feature to help you score some movement nerd cred. Sure, these might not be the kind of specs the average wearer has in mind, but it’s interesting to see just how many watches Hublot can find to pack this movement into. Protecting it all is a case that provides 100m of water resistance – more than enough for most.

Hands on Hublot fake watches UK.


So is this the most memorable Hublot Big Bang series replica watches for men you’ve ever witnessed? Probably not. But, Hublot’s boutique expansion into Cannes and Saint-Tropez is both impressive and well thought out.. why not celebrate with a highly limited (100 pieces) watch? It all comes back to that special element of fun that some timepieces just manage to convey. And really, I’d find it hard to say no to the idea of cruising on a jet ski in the Côte d’Azur with Big Bang Blue on my wrist.