BAUME ET MERCIER replica gets Chen Kun as their Global Brand Ambassador

Beijing, 3 December 2015 — Founded in 1830, Swiss fine watchmaking brand Baume & Mercier celebrates its 185th anniversary and announces the appointment of famous Chinese actor, Chen Kun, as its latest global brand ambassador. Boasting nearly two centuries of fine watchmaking expertise, Baume & Mercier is set to shine even brighter in the world of Swiss replica watchmaking with its partnership with Chen Kun. Widely admired for his suave and sophisticated flair, Chen is the perfect match for Baume & Mercier’s unwavering excellence and understated sense of luxury. Chen Kun and Baume & Mercier share many of the same values: just as Chen ceaselessly pursues a classic and elegant style, the Swiss brand embodies the values of authenticity, conviviality, sharing, and durability.

Baume & Mercier-replica-watchesWith utmost dedication and unparalleled creative passion, Baume & Mercier expresses watchmaking excellence in every one of its watches. The brand remains loyal to the motto devised by its founders: “Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” As one of the oldest Swiss watchmaking maisons in the world, and known internationally for its signature, “Life is about moments,” the brand continues to devote its work to celebrating those special and rare moments that make memories. Baume & Mercier is an exceptional and intimate companion for all of life’s emotion-filled moments, whether special, festive or solemn.

Baume & Mercier Immortalizes Exceptional Moments with New Global Brand Ambassador

Remember a jubilant birthday party, warm festive celebrations, a romantic wedding, or the first words of a baby… Life is made up of special events, personal milestones and precious promises worth celebrating and remembering. These cherished moments make life unique to each individual. Beyond keeping time, a Baume & Mercier replica watches uk is a memory-keeper: a reminder and souvenir of a celebrated moment and the rich emotions that come with it. The memory remains, immortalized forever by the timepiece. To Chen Kun, all of his special moments – accepting his film award, growing up, time spent doing meaningful things, and being recognized by a respectable brand – will be accompanied by Baume & Mercier from now on.

Baume & Mercier-Chen-Kun2015 is an exceptional year for Baume & Mercier as the brand marks its 185th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Baume & Mercier has launched a series of special creations: the first, the Clifton 8-Day Power Reserve limited edition watch, with only 185 numbered pieces available worldwide in honor of the brand’s 185-year heritage; and the second, taking inspiration from historic timepieces from the 19th

century, the exquisite 18K red gold Clifton 1830 five-minute repeater pocket watch, released in a limited series of just 30 numbered pieces, paying homage to the founding year of the Maison. At the end of this eventful year, Baume & Mercier joins hands with Chen Kun, the brand’s new global brand ambassador, to celebrate its 185th anniversary.

Blooming in Elegance: Baume & Mercier and China Share Treasured Moments

Baume & Mercier’s appointment of Chen Kun as its brand ambassador is a strategic move after 10 years of growth in China and an occasion to mark this milestone of the brand’s entrance to this market of exceptional potential.

For the Chinese market, Baume & Mercier specially created the Promesse Red Chinese Lacquer watch and the Promesse Jade watch, making used of rare red lacquer, which has long been favored by Chinese emperors, and auspicious jade for its protective aura, demonstrating the brand’s understanding and appreciation of Asian culture. The red lacquer Promesse was released in an 88-piece limited edition, and the Jade and Diamond Promesse fake watches uk is available in a limited edition of only 8 pieces.

“As an integral part of our 185th anniversary celebrations, Baume & Mercier has chosen to appoint a prominent personality from China as our global brand ambassador and selected Beijing as the venue to launch our brand ambassador campaign. All this testifies to our devotion to and confidence in the Chinese market,” said Baume & Mercier CEO, Alain Zimmermann.

Timeless elegance and understated luxury, crafted to perfection – such are the signature qualities of Baume & Mercier timepieces. Together with Chen Kun, the Swiss Maison is set to break new grounds in the art of cheap replica watchmaking, continuing to capture life’s unforgettable moments and precious emotions with each of its creations.