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Have You Ever Seen The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches UK With Skeleton Dials ?

Artisans de Genève, the famous watch customized expert in Switzerland has cooperated with Juan Pablo Montoya to create a “La Montoya” wristwatch, boldly reinterpreting the great performance of popular copy Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. The timepiece with unique design has been limited to only 50 pieces.

The integrated tone of this sporty Daytona is technological and distinctive.

High-Performance Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The highlight of this 40mm Rolex fake watch is the open-worked movement. It is still the iconic Rolex calibre 4130 which performs precisely and reliably. The difference is that the caseback of this model has been designed to be skeletonized, allowing the wearers to enjoy exquisiteness of the movement.

The timepiece has presented the high level of craftsmanship of watchmaking.

Rolex Replica With Self-Winding Mechanical Movement

The modification of the sporty Daytona is really difficult and they are basically done by Philippe Narbel. The distinctive design of the dial is in line with the racing sport and each model is exclusively polished all by hand. The integrated tone of this dial is as same as the color of the Colombian flag that Juan Pablo Montoya loves. The back of the Daytona limited edition has been decorated with the symbolic embossment Artisans de Genève. In addition, the rotor is skeletonized too, enhancing the aesthetics of the movement perfectly.

Do You Like The UK Blue And Red Bezel Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Or Brown And Black Bezel Version?

Referring to the new Rolex released this year, the hottest model must be the red and blue bezel Rolex GMT-Master II. But it is regret that it is not my favorite model. Some people will ask why. Many watch lovers are interest in the new Jubilee bracelet which is exactly what I don’t like. In my opinion, the matching of the Jubilee bracelet and modern lugs is not beautiful.

The Everose and Oystersteel version is not as expensive as the Everose gold version.

40 MM Rolex GMT-Master II Imitation Watch

The Everose gold version is so expensive so what I love most is the Everose gold and Oystersteel case copy Rolex GMT-Master II. Blue and red color matching is brilliant while in my opinion, the brown and black toned bezel is more charming. Meanwhile, the movement has been improved from calibre 3185 to calibre 3285, of which the hairspring has been updated and Parachrom has been equipped to offer resistance to magnetic field.

The black and brown color matching is charming and harmonious.

Rolex Replica With Everose Gold And Oystersteel Bracelet

What impressed me the most of the black dial fake Rolex watch is harmonious color matching and shape of the patented Oyster bracelet. This version is more suitable for mature men who have experienced a lot, making them look more gentle and charming.